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Public Safety


Marilyn has a history of providing local law enforcement with the resources they need to combat threats to our community. As a former teacher and career educator, Marilyn has spent her life looking out for our kids and our families. 

Marilyn has a long track-record on community safety, dating back to before her time in the Senate. While serving in the Nevada State Assembly, Marilyn stood up to powerful special interests to protect our kids by requiring all teachers to be fingerprinted when they are re-licensed.

In our neighborhoods and online, Nevada’s children need greater protections from dangerous criminals. That’s why Marilyn also led the fight in the Assembly to crack down on sex offenders. She also fought for stricter penalties for child predators, so they stay in jail longer.  

During her time in the Senate, Marilyn fought to secure more funding for local police. While ensuring our communities are safe, Marilyn also wants to see a justice system that works for everyone, no matter where they live or what they look like. That’s why she voted for reforms to police use of force policies and helped create early warning detection for law enforcement officers showing signs of implicit bias.   


Marilyn has also shown she’s not afraid to stand up to the powerful DC gun lobby in order to keep our communities safe.  She fought to enforce background checks for gun purchases, a ballot measure that Nevadans approved by more than 58% in Senate District 8 in 2016, but was still not being enforced by state officials upon her election to the Senate two years later.  Marilyn also voted to institute extreme risk protection orders to temporarily remove guns from the hands of individuals who pose an immediate threat to themselves or others and fought to ban bumpstocks, which played a key role in the tragic shooting that took place in Las Vegas on 1 October, 2017. 

Marilyn is a grandmother of five grandchildren, all of whom live right here in our community.  We can count on her to fight every day to make sure the community that we live in is safe for our families.


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