Jobs and Economic Growth



Marilyn wants to make Nevada an attractive place for businesses to relocate in order to create more jobs.  That’s why she wants to invest in more career and technical training schools, so that Nevada has a ready workforce to compete for high-paying jobs and sustain new industries moving into the state.


Marilyn believes that we need to diversify our economy. While tourism has always been an economic driving force in Nevada, Marilyn wants to ensure that we are recruiting more types of businesses, such as clean energy and technology companies. She will protect our rooftop solar industry and invest in expanding other clean energy industries like wind and geothermal.


In addition to bringing new business to Nevada, Marilyn wants to make sure that the businesses that are already here are able to grow. That’s why she supports creating tax credits for existing small businesses to help them expand and create new jobs.


Marilyn has always fought for Nevada’s workers.  She will fight to protect their wages and rights. Marilyn remains committed to growing Nevada’s economy and creating more jobs that support Nevada’s working families.  


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