As the former Chairwoman of the Health and Human Services Committee in the Nevada State Assembly, Marilyn has a long track record of fighting for lower healthcare costs for Nevada’s families.  Marilyn will stand up to any DC politician that wants to let insurance companies go back to the days of charging Nevadans for pre-existing conditions or preventing our kids from being on their parents’ insurance policies.  


Marilyn will also fight to protect Nevada’s women from being denied health coverage for critical services, like early screenings for breast cancer or cervical cancer.  She will also fight to make sure women have access to contraceptives, in addition to ensuring contraceptives continue to remain covered on insurance policies in Nevada.


Marilyn also knows that addressing Nevada’s mental health crisis is vital.  During her time in the Assembly, Marilyn fought to provide funding for mental health treatment.  She’ll do the same in the State Senate. Marilyn will always fight to make sure that Nevadans have access to critical mental health treatment.    


Marilyn also knows that we have to address the growing opioid crisis.  She will fight to provide treatment for those affected by the crisis and make sure we keep dangerous prescription drugs out of the hands of our children.


Marilyn knows that rising health care costs remain a top concern for voters in SD 8.  She will fight to keep our health care and prescription drug costs low because Marilyn believes all Nevadans deserve access to quality, affordable health care.

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