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During her time in the Senate, Marilyn has developed a record of fighting for lower healthcare costs for Nevada’s families.  Marilyn will stand up to any DC politician that wants to let insurance companies go back to the days of charging Nevadans for pre-existing conditions, which is why she voted to codify those protections in state law. 

Marilyn understands that rising health care costs remain a top concern for her constituents. That’s why she helped pass a Nevada Public Option in order to give Nevadans more affordable health insurance options with better coverage. 


In addition to the rising costs of healthcare and insurance, Marilyn has also worked to bring down the high costs of prescription drugs. She believes transparency around drug pricing is a key factor in decreasing pricing. To that end, Marilyn voted to establish the Silver State Scripts Board to increase pharmaceutical company transparency around drug pricing. She also voted to enter Nevada into an interstate drug agreement that will allow for collaborative and more affordable purchasing of prescription drugs.


Marilyn has also fought to protect Nevada’s women from being denied health coverage for critical services, like early screenings for breast cancer or cervical cancer. She voted to fund family planning services in Nevada to ensure women have access to these life saving measures. Marilyn also worked to make birth control more accessible to Nevada women by allowing pharmacists to dispense contraceptives without a doctor’s prescription. 

Marilyn believes all Nevadans deserve access to quality, affordable health care, and we can count on her to continue to fight to bring down health care costs.


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