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Marilyn Dondero Loop spent her career as an educator and has more than forty years of experience in our local schools. Thirty of those years were spent in our classrooms, teaching Nevada’s children. Her last fourteen years were spent training our teachers on highly effective classroom strategies and delivering needed education development tools.  Marilyn knows what it takes to make sure our local schools and our students are getting what they need to be successful.


As an elementary school teacher, Marilyn knows how important reading is to our students’ success during early childhood education. She will put forth legislation that promotes smaller classrooms, effective teaching methods, and evidence-based learning techniques that help our kids excel.


In addition to her career as an educator, Marilyn served three terms in the Nevada State Assembly.  During her time in the Assembly, Marilyn was instrumental in the creation of the ZOOM schools, which provided Nevada’s students with unprecedented support in acquiring the reading skills needed to be successful.  


From her time spent in the classroom, Marilyn knows that teachers are key to our students’ success.  That’s why she will provide funding to bring Nevada teacher pay to the national average, to make sure we are attracting and retaining the best and brightest to teach our children.  Marilyn will also cap the ratio of students to teachers to prevent overcrowding in our classrooms and make sure our students are getting the individualized attention they deserve.


Marilyn believes that it’s critical that our kids are learning the skills that will prepare them for the high-tech jobs of the 21st century. That’s why she will  invest in STEM education and technical training schools and update school curricula to reflect a more modern approach.


As a career educator, we can always rely on Marilyn to do what is best for our students, our parents and our local schools.

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